Whirlpool believes in making moments matter. Because of this, the leading home appliances brand has committed to creating purposeful technology that takes mundane chores out of your hands. With a range of kitchen equipment, laundry machines and more, Whirlpool keeps you free to focus on what matters – your family and your life.

Whirlpool Refrigerators

Whirlpool fridges come in a range of sizes and features. To help you identify the right size for your kitchen, take time out to measure the space you have allotted. Next, ensure that your new fridge has sufficient space for your household. As guidance, keep in mind that each person normally needs 4-6 cu. ft. while a typical family of four usually needs at least 20 cu. ft.

Your new refrigerator can also become a statement decorative piece in your kitchen. Models from the brand come with vibrantly coloured exterior adorned with patterns or a basic grey or white that’s perfect for an ultra-modern kitchen.

Whirlpool Washing Machines and Dryers

Difficult laundry tasks become easier with the brand’s washing machines and dryers. Choose from top-load and front-load washers depending on your needs. Washers also come in various capacities to help you maximise each load of laundry.

The brand’s washing machines are also equipped with various technologies to make washing more effective. Active Spray technology, for example, eliminates the need to pre-treat clothes while ColorLast™ protects clothes’ vibrant colours.

The brand’s dryers are ideal for households with minimal space. They gently yet effectively squeeze every last droplet of excess water while removing creases and keeping your clothes in good condition.

If you’ve got a small space, opt for the brand’s combination washer-dryers. These machines combine the features of a washing machine and dryer in one compact package. Some come in a stacked design that makes it easy to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Whirlpool Kitchen Appliances

The brand also manufactures kitchen appliances including ranges, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and more. This means that, at every step of meal preparation and clean up, you’ve got a Whirlpool kitchen appliance that does the work for you.

Buy a Whirlpool Online

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