Samsung QLED TV - Overview

QLED The Next Innovation In TV Even in the darkest moment, it brings out the heroes.
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QLED TV Q8C has been placed on the right side of the room with an impression of space and the image of boxing.

Q Picture

Turns light into perfect colour.
All shades of colors brought to life.

Curved QLED TV has been placed obliquely in the left, and feathers of various colors are falling from top to bottom on the right. On the screen, a various colored feathers are shown.

Q Smart

Control all of your devices and content from one place with one remote.

the QLED TV product is in front, and the ‘Eden’ UI screen is displayed on the screen connecting with outer space of TV screen. There is a remote control on the right.
  • 1. Disclaimer of QLED TV : Samsung QLED is Quantum dot based TV.
  • 2. Disclaimer of Invisible Connection : The ‘Invisible Connection’ refers to a single, transparent optical cable connected to the One Connect Box integrating external device cables, but it does not refer to the power cable of the TV nor cables connected to other devices such as sound bar.
  • 3. Disclaimer of No Gap Wall-Mount : Measured from rear end of the TV, the gap may differ based on the installation and wall type.
  • 4. Disclaimer of HDR : The peak brightness may vary depending on the model and size of the TV.


The new range of Samsung QLED TV is the next breakthrough innovation in TVs. With a curved design, superior picture quality and loads of other QLED TV features, Samsung is here to take the television industry by storm with its unique innovation. At Plug Ins, we offer for sale the Samsung QLED TV online and in our stores.

Enhanced Picture Quality

This QLED TV by Samsung comes with superior picture quality that was previously unseen in the former models. The enhanced contrast levels of the TV enable the viewer to experience depth and clarity in picture quality even in the brightest surroundings and during the day.

The Moth eye structures of the QLED TV uses Ultra Black technology to disperse light for lower reflectivity and deeper blacks compared to other flat screens. The full HD display of the TV lets viewers enjoy content as the producer originally intended to.

The curved design of the QLED TV makes every viewing angle enjoyable to watch. Viewers can watch TV from extreme corners and angles without compromising their line of vision. Now, every seat becomes a great seat.

Convenient design

Samsung QLED TVs can be mounted flat against the wall, leaving virtually no extra space between your TV set and the wall. This means you get that elegant look in your living room without compromising on the space and the view of the television.

The QLED TV features an invisible wire to connect all your other external devices to the television. This eliminates the aggravation of connecting cords and wires which make your whole setup look hideous. So say goodbye to those messy wires and say hello to the future of television viewing.

Quick installation

The QLED TV by Samsung can be quickly and easily installed and mounted on the wall. All that it takes is 15 minutes and your TV will be programmed to operate.

Smart features

With inbuilt Wi-Fi, consumers can now enjoy services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Skype. All you need is a single remote to access a host of features without navigating through multiple windows. Everything on the TV can be viewed in one place in the form of thumbnail previews without having to open the content in full screen.

Buy Online Only at Plug Ins

Now, you can buy the Samsung QLED TV online at Plug Ins. Browse through a collection offered at competitive prices and order QLED TV with the click of a button. When you buy online, you’ll also get hassle-free delivery to all locations in the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Sharjah.

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