Phones have greatly revolutionized the world’s communication habits, providing a hefty leap from radio communication, telegrams and snail mail. Nowadays, it’s common for people to pick up telephones, whether they be home phones, office phone or mobile phones, when there is news to be shared, information to be clarified or anything at all that needs to be talked about.

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Evolution of phones
Phones are a worldwide phenomenon, making interpersonal communication almost instantaneous. ‘Electric Speech Machine’, as it was called then, was developed in the 1800s. In 1885, the first telephone line was established between New York and Philadelphia in the US.

In recent years, landline phone use has decreased to give way to smartphones. Ten years ago, nine in ten US households owned functional landlines. In 2014, that figure decreased to five in ten households. Global cellular phone use, on the other hand, showed dramatic increase, climbing up from 4.01 billion in 2013 to 4.43 billion in 2015. By 2019, an estimated 5.07 billion people the world over will own a cellular phone.

Landlines are not foreseen to be a dying breed, however, as they will see continued usefulness in offices and workplaces. The same trend can probably be observed in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and the other emirates in the UAE, with slightly bigger landline use percentage, especially if telephone carriers continue to offer packages that club together an internet line, plus TV and landline connection.

New phone features
Nowadays, there is an array of phone features to choose from. While regular cheap phones usually feature basic calling, texting and internet browsing capabilities, the best phones feature more advanced qualities such as amazing pictures and videos, movie streaming, crystal clear display, mobile app supports, and more.  In the immediate future (about five to ten years), new phones are seen to offer even more advanced features such as Augmented Reality (AR) which enhances mobile experience by combining computer data with real-life information, flexible screens, integrated projector, improved voice control, 3D screens and more. The capabilities and functionality of smartphones can also be enhanced with a host of mobile phone accessories.

Best phones for sale
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