We're here to help!

No-one likes to be bogged down with complicated technical details when setting up new equipment. This is where our Tecknow team steps in to help you, for a just a minimal service fee.

Tecknow offers a wide range of set up services to help you to get up and running in no time at all. If you have purchased your product online, just bring it to your nearest PLUG INS store with the receipt and we will help you set it up as quickly as possible!

Walk Out Working (Computer Setup and Personalisation)

We run a full computer check, user set up, install updates, software and essential Internet tools, configure security software (if purchased), set up parental controls and create recovery media. In other words, we get you started! Our Basic Setup is included with the PLUG INS Warranty (disks not included).

Walk Out Working (Computer Setup and Personalise - Including Data Transfer)

This includes all of the above great services. Furthermore, Tecknow will move all your files, folders, data, music, videos and photos from your old laptop to your brand new system. (Please note this service does not include Data Recovery).

Data Transfer - Windows & Mac

Switching from a Windows to a Mac, or vice versa? No problem. Moving files and settings from one computer to another can be a challenge. We make it easy by transferring all your music, video and photos, so you are up and running in no time. (Please note this service does not include Data Recovery).

Computer Health Check - PC Tune Up

Get your PC or laptop in good shape. Think of it like getting your car serviced, or going to the gym! After consulting with you, we do an extensive multi point service check. We check hard drive performance, disk defragmentation, optimise performance, and clean up any nasty spyware, malware and viruses.

Network Setup - Home or Office

Set up, configure and secure your router. Secure your wireless network. Enable devices to share the Internet (games consoles, iPads, tablets, mobile phones, PCs, printers). Please note that this service does not include cables.

iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod Set Up

We will help you get started with your shiny new tablet, smartphone or music player. This service includes help with set up, activation and registration to iTunes, creating a new App Store account, email account setup and much more.

Data Transfer Service for Mobile Phones

Got a brand new smartphone? Need to move all your photos and contacts from your old phone to your new phone? Our mobile phone experts will help you, so you can get talking right away.

Camera Setup and Go

Now that you have a purchased a new camera, do not waste any more time and get clicking! Our camera crew will help you do a full product inspection, battery and memory installation, setting up the time and date, and configuring it. What is more, this also includes a full demonstration on the various settings and taking the best shots.