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Buying a new TV can sometimes get confusing, what with the large selection of brands and models available. To make it a bit easier, carefully consider your household’s needs and then look through the offers from large screen TV brands. At Plug Ins, you can buy large screen TVs from different brands at attractive large screen TV prices.

Excellent Cinematic Experience

If you enjoy the best cinema experience with better sound and image quality, then you should buy a large screen TV for your home. Most large TVs offer full HD resolution for an immersive viewing experience. Expect a revolutionary movie experience where every scene is brought to life with amazing realism and effortless control. The latest TV technology that you will find today is the Ultra HD which offers four times the resolution of a conventional HD television.

LED Technology

The large screen TV for home comes mainly with LED technology. Here, the picture element which is in pixels is just turned on or off as per the specific refresh rate. In simple words, the images are refreshed every few seconds.

The LED does not produce its own light. In order for a LED large screen TV to produce picture, the pixels have to be backlit. The backlight is usually constant; however, the pixels are quickly turned on and off depending on the requirements of the images. If the pixels are turned off, then they do not allow the backlight to go through, only when they are switched on that the backlight enters.