Whether it’s keeping your food cold and fresh, washing and drying of clothes or keeping your home spick and span, our range of home appliance are essentials for any household size or type. With the right home appliances, you no longer have to do back-breaking work to finish the laundry, wash the dishes, prepare daily meals or keep your home tidy. Nowadays, doing chores can simply mean plugging an appliance in and pushing a button.

PLUG INS stocks a wide selection of electrical appliances and kitchen appliances that come with various features to make life a whole lot easier. Evenings and weekends will not to get bogged down with chores if you own such home appliances as washing machines, dishwashers, irons and vacuum cleaners. Additionally, your home becomes more comfortable to live in with fans, air conditioners and air purifiers.

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The right appliances make chores easier
It is easy to get clothes professionally washed or dry cleaned anywhere in the UAE, but it is more cost-effective to get a high-quality washing machine than to regularly spend on professional laundry services. If you don’t have a balcony or an outdoor space and have to dry your laundry indoors, you may want to get a washer-dryer that cleans your clothes and dries them in just one cycle. A washer-dryer will also come in handy on days when a sandstorm is raging outside.

In the UAE, it also occasionally gets dusty even inside homes and offices that it can be very difficult to keep your interiors clean, unless you have a trusty vacuum cleaner to help you do the job.

If you have a family to cook for or simply like home-cooked food, cookers and ovens will quickly become your reliable kitchen helper, giving you the versatility to serve a wide variety of dishes. Cleaning up after a meal can also become more efficient and energy-saving with dishwashers, especially those that come with an economy cycle.

Appliances to help you stay cool & comfy
Since the climate in the UAE is hot almost throughout the year, it is a challenge to keep food fresh and safe for consumption. A refrigerator or freezer will help you store both fresh and cooked food longer, and minimize spoilage. The hot climate also makes it difficult to stay cool and comfy at home or in the office, unless you have a dependable air-conditioner or fan to cool things down for you.

One-stop online appliance store The range of home appliances for sale on the PLUG INS online shop also caters to other requirements relating to space constraints, budget limitations and such. Visit our website now, or pop into our stores in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to pick an appliance that’s just right for your needs.