Virtual gaming is a promise – a promise of the wondrous, fantastical lands we could visit, the dragons we could slay and the distressed damsels we can save. In this virtual world, we control the fate of mankind and ensure that good always triumphs over evil, armed only with a joystick. If you know what this feels like, then you must come from a generation whose first introduction to these limitless possibilities was an Atari set. The Atari 2600, or the Atari VCS was the granddaddy of the modern-day videogame systems. Fast forward to now, the field has come a long way. eSports is now a legitimate field, worthy of the fame and recognition it brings to professional gamers around the world.
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Gaming Consoles & Gaming Computers

For a lot of gamers out there, the camp is generally divided among those who prefer playing on consoles and those who are fans of playing on PCs. Typically, console games are the introduction for most gamers into the world of virtual games. There are a handful of popular consoles preferred by most gamers, such as the PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox and the Nintendo.

Technology for console games has considerably advanced, with forays into virtual reality. As the technology for high-end headsets gets popular, a new format will eventually attract more gamers.

Gaming PCs, on the other hand, involve a considerable amount of initial set up cost but will later offer infinite amount of potential.

Popular Types of Video Games

Popular video games and computer games follow certain themes and can be classified into genres. First-Person Shooter (FPS) games can be traced back to the 90s and is one of the most popular genres. Most First-Person Shooter games, like Counter-Strike, involve violent gameplay and lethal weaponry aimed at causing the most damage to opponents.

Platform games (or platformers) is an equally popular genre, called so because it involves guiding the character through obstacles, jumping on platforms and battling enemies in a 3D environment.

Similarly, sports genre games simulate sports such as football, cricket, basketball or even skateboarding or golf. Another hugely popular genre of games is role-playing games or RPG. A typical RPG game takes the player on ‘adventures’ through various other worlds. Role-playing games played by large groups on desktops or consoles are called massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or MMORPG.

Online Gaming Gear Shop

Typical core gamers play for an average of 22 solid hours per week. That is a lot of hours, and quality gear is essential to make sure the hardware can take the brunt of those marathon sessions.

With online gaming becoming so popular that it has set off the eSports boom, video games companies are clamoring to cater to the demand for specialized products catering to professional gamers. Some of the specialized gears include headsets, keyboards, laptops, monitors, chairs and more.

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