Protect yourself from the hassle of losing data and missing files by installing a good computer backup solution for your personal information and sensitive digital documents. At Plug Ins, we stock a wide range of external hard drives from the most reliable brands to offer various solutions for storing, transferring and carrying data.

Portable Hard Drives at Plug Ins

Store data or create a secure backup with an external HD drive. These normally come in small and compact sizes making them very easy to carry even while you’re on the go. Discover a large range of compact hard drives at Plug Ins that are available in different data storage capacities ranging from 64 GB to 8 TB. However, you should keep in mind the ideal storage requirement. If you will be using the HDD just for transferring data, a relatively small storage will suffice. But, in order to create backup, you will need a larger external hard drive memory.

Also, another important factor to consider before buying an HDD is its data transfer speed. It is better to go for products from brands like Western Digital, Transcend, Buffalo, Seagate, SanDisk and Toshiba, all of which offer consistent transfer speeds. Get the best hard drives from the most revered brands at Plug Ins that take the hassle out of storing and transferring data.

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