Speedy Repair Service

Our exclusive in-store Tecknow team offers quick and efficient repair services across a wide array of electronic products.*

Keep it Working STARTS TODAY

Your Keep It Working services start from the date of purchase, giving you all the added benefits from the very first day. You can choose from 2, 3 and 4-year plans.*


If you don’t use your Keep It Working service benefits, we will give you 50% of your money back.*


Keep It Working is available on all products over AED 199. This means you get peace of mind for 2, 3 or 4 years.*


Inclusive of both services and parts.*


Free collection of large appliances for repair if found faulty.*


On selected items with Keep It Working you are entitled to receive a stand-by unit.*


If we cannot repair the product we will replace it.*


On every anniversary of your computer purchase, you can book an appointment with our Tecknow team for a FREE Computer Health Check. This service is available in-store only.*


You will receive a 25% discount on any Tecknow service you purchase during the term of your Keep It Working service plan. This means you can start saving from your date of purchase.*


  • Accessories (discs, control pads, batteries, adapters, headsets, etc)

  • Consumables (bulbs, lamps, cartridges, toners, drums, print heads, etc)

  • Software issues or data back-up

  • Image retention on TV’s

  • Physical or water damage

  • Servicing or replacing a product which fails because of neglect, abuse or misuse of the product

  • Damage or breakdown due to fire, unless caused by an electric malfunction within the product

  • Unauthorised repair by third party agents

  • Annual maintenance for larger appliances will be done once a year

  • A replacement unit will only be provided once the cause of damage has been determined and deemed unintentional and is due to mechanical failure. The replacement may be a fully refurbished product of the same specification or higher. IT devices, mobiles and tablets will be repaired or replaced within 14 business days, large appliances and TV sets within 30 business days. KIW plan will be void once product is replaced.

  • IT products like computers, printers, etc. will be replaced with the same or similar products if not repaired within 14 business days. MDA and panels will be replaced with the same or a similar product if not repaired within 30 business days. Instant replacement of all small domestic appliances below AED 500.

  • If the product is not repairable within 14 working days, a standby unit can be requested. Standby units may or may not have the same features as your original product and will be subject to availability. For panels, a standby unit with a maximum 32” screen size will be provided for a screen size of 42” or more. Standby units will be provided for laptops, PCs, mobiles, DVD players and panels with a screen size of 42” or more only.

  • Computer Health Check – PC tune up does not cover re-installation of software or data.

  • Unlimited free repairs does not cover the labour cost or parts on units found to be damaged or misused.

  • Products will be repaired up to a limit of the value of the products.

  • 50% of the value of the Keep It Working service can be discounted off the next purchase of value of AED 1000 with a new Keep It Working service attached

  • Only available if none of the benefits have been used

  • Not valid under FREE warranty periods. Money back will be provided in form of a gift voucher to use on Plug Ins.

  • Keep It working is available on all products with value of AED 199

  • Hygienic, headset and accessories products are not included with the Keep It Working plan

  • Free collection of faulty products for large kitchen appliances and TV screens with minimum of 39” screen size.

  • Carry your receipt voucher and invoice to redeem any discounts.

  • Warranty is only valid with a proof of purchase.


For more information on Keep it Working services, or to make a claim, call us on 800 - PLUG INS (7584 467)