While a tablet is much easier to carry around, when it comes to working on projects and completing deadline oriented tasks, a laptop is your best bet. Combining the portability of a tablet and the efficiency of a laptop, Plug Ins offers a range of 2 in 1 laptops from the best brand available in the market. Lets look at the advantages of these laptop tablets hybrid.

Smart investment

A convertible laptop is the union of a laptop and a tablet. Naturally, it gives you the advantages of both the gadgets at the same time in one device. It has all the features of a modern tablet which includes a touchscreen display and lightweight body with superb mobility.

If you want to sit back and read an e-book, or cook with the video tutorial of the recipe in front of you, you can convert this laptop to the tablet or tent mode for easy viewing. Some of these laptops are detachable, so you can simply take the tablet mode with you on different occasions, while some have all-round 360-degree flexibility with a hinge that allows you to flip the laptop. These touchscreen laptops will make it easy for you to carry just once device instead of a separate laptop and tablet, especially while you're travelling.

These Intel-run convertibles offer the storage capacity of a laptop with a high memory power, and the flexibility as well as portability of a tablet. The robustness is compressed into a sleek body. You can multitask, work on a project, all while listening to your favourite tunes, or shoot a video efficiently. Owing to their ergonomic built, you can fit these laptops into your office bag or your sling bag,.

Bring out the gamer in you and pause and resume the game from where you have left it. The exceptional screen quality and RAM capacity make these your perfect take home product for gaming as well. The smart features allow you to tilt it all around so that you can play your favourite games while resting on your pillow.

If you have a presentation, you will no longer have to carry a big laptop when you have a sleek yoga notebook. Moreover, you can connect everything from a USB, HDMI to OTG cables along with Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity.

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